Support Services

Ground Recon

While primarily a ground reconnaissance element, the GRT also specializes in counterdrug underwater dive operations to combat the smuggling of illegal drugs through Florida ports. The GRT continues to be an integral tool for law enforcement agencies conducting counterdrug operations throughout the state of Florida.


The Intel Analyst mission is unique in that provides long-term imbedded support to critical State and Federal law enforcement agencies in all levels of criminal investigation from identification of possible illicit activity through to prosecution. Our Analysts provide a variety of support to our agency partners including Information Sharing, Transcription, Translation, & Linguist Support, Investigative Case, Analyst Support, Case Prosecution Support. Communications Stations, and Equipment Support.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Our vision is to establish a culture of responsible choices, compatible with the core National Guard values. Our mission is to provide prevention training, outreach to military families, and treatment resources to military members in an effort to increase military discipline, individual performance, and combat readiness.


Established in 1993, the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Program is a highly sought after national training destination. Our Tactical Campus located at Camp Blanding Florida provides intensive and challenging tactical training to 1,500 law enforcement professionals every year. The MCTFT Tactical Campus provides expert instruction in: Land Navigation, Movement Techniques, Mission Planning, Tactical Tracking/Counter-Tracking, Booby Trap Recognition, Field Medical Training, Maritime Operations and other required skills.

Mission Spotlight
Criminal Analyst Mission
One of the most significant Florida Counterdrug missions has been the Investigative Case criminal analyst duties in support of drug law enforcement. The mission focuses on four core competencies: link analysis, document exploitation, commodity/financial transaction analysis and drug-trafficker case construction. Within this mission area, our analysts create graphs, charts and maps, conduct toll and financial transaction analysis and develop case information of suspected drug-trafficking individuals and organizations. They also assist in the development and maintenance of operational criminal intelligence databases that allow for the preparation of reports necessary for successful prosecutorial purposes.
Drug Facts
K2 or "Spice"
The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved legislation that cracks down on synthetic drugs such as K2.